Why Advertise?

Advertising increases the likelihood that more consumers will know who you are when they are ready to buy. Consumers who buy from you almost always buy from a business that they knew about before their need occurred. The trick is finding the right medium for your business and budget. We think we can help.

How do you get your fair share of consumer spending? Being known before you are needed is one of the most powerful advantages your business can own. Research shows, for most business types, about 80% of consumers know of a good option at the time of need. Adversely, if you’re not a business that comes to mind, your odds of being considered for most categories is less than 1% for a consumer searching in directories or online.

Advertising has other important benefits: it helps defend your revenue from competitors. It encourages repeat business. And it can improve employee morale, which makes it easier to hire the best people.

So should you advertise? Absolutely.

Why Radio?

93% of America, ages 12 and older, tune in to radio every week. In fact, more Americans spend their day with radio, than any other media outside the home. Plus, radio is the most affordable mass-market media available. Compared to the cost of reaching a similar sized audience with the same frequency, radio advertising costs a fraction of other mass media.

Radio advertising is unique: it reaches consumers when they have little else to distract them. In fact, the percentage of people who actively pay attention to the ads, is by far the highest of any mass media.

Radio’s impact is magnified by the emotional and motivating power of audio. Numerous studies show the connections made through audio messaging have more impact on consumers than either video or print. Because radio listening is extremely habitual, it reaches the same consumers with greater average frequency than any other media.


It’s more important to be a relevant advertiser to few people, than an irrelevant advertiser to everyone. Focus your efforts. “Everyone” does not need or want your product.


Does your message connect with consumers? Focus your message on them, not you. Always answer WHY – why would a consumer buy your product?


It’s imperative you choose a media that delivers affordable message frequency. Repetition is how we learn.


Reach is the total number of potential customers available in each media choice. The goal is to find the media that can reach the largest number of your potential customers.

Why Wood River Media?

Ad campaigns don’t fail because someone chose the wrong media. Ad campaigns fail because someone chose the wrong message. “The only thing that works in advertising, is what you say, times how many times you say it”. We stand by this commonly used phrase. And radio used right, will grow your business.

Done right, radio ads can be extremely powerful. However, all too often radio ads sound like, well, radio ads. Your message should connect with the consumer and always answer WHY – why would a consumer buy your product? Does your advertising message connect with consumers? Focus your message on them, not you.

At Wood River Media, we strive to provide superior production quality and creativity in our locally produced radio commercials that both entertain and persuade.

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